Memories [Life is better when you’re laughing]


I swear his goal in life is to make everyone smile ^_^
March 2014 by Taryn H

“A laugh is a smile that bursts.” M. H. Waldrip

I smiled:

  • When I watched this awesome video of Star Wars characters dancing to “Happy”. GO watch it and grab your little ones, they’ll love it! [link]
  • Because SyFy is bringing back space opera!!! YAY [link]
  • When I stepped out the other day and it was actually warm. [link]
  • When I saw this baby photo of my oldest. Time flies and before you know it those little, itty babies aren’t so little anymore.

  • When I saw THIS sunset. Pretty sure Alberta has some of the best dawns and dusks.

  • At Lucky the cat, lounging on his hammock =^..^= [link]
  • And smiled some more while listening to my boys tell jokes and singing and humming and being general goofballs πŸ™‚
  • Trying to snap some “nice” photos of my Poe, but he doesn’t want to cooperate, so I get the silly photos instead:
Laughter x 3

Poe-tato… The silly monster ❀
March 2014

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