DIY Unstoppable T-Rex Cake


And he’s another year older! He requested a tyrannosaurus cake or a meme cake. So after a bit of Googling I decided on the Unstoppable T-Rex. The background was meh, so I used a classic sunburst meme background.

UnstoppableA quick synopsis of how I made this rad birthday cake. 😛

  • Baked the very, most Perfect Chocolate Cake (really!!) using a 9×13 inch pan.
  • Froze the cake overnight. Added a very thin icing crumb layer. Stuck in freezer.
  • Downloaded the t-rex meme.DIY. Unstoppable T-Rex Birthday Cake
  • Photoshop is my go-to for making templates. Cropped and re-sized just the dino to print out on a 8.5x11 inch paper. Used THIS easy tutorial to outline the dino. Print & cut-out.
  • Lightly placed template on cake. Using toothpick, traced template. Carefully removed template. You don’t want to remove that crumb layer. I used a ruler to make the straight lines for the sunburst background. I didn’t measure, just eyeballed it.
  • Mixed my icing colours (Wilton Gel Food Colours) & carefully outlined, then filled in the icing (cheated!). It helps if you have a tip set. I used a size 3 (I think) to do most of the icing outlines. Having multiple icing bags and couplers cuts down on washing and refilling between icing colours.
  • Jumped back onto Photoshop and made the “UNSTOPPABLE” banner for the cake (Ariel font). Printed that out and stuck a strip of packing tape to the back so the ink wouldn’t bleed.
  • Hid the cake. Brought out the cake. Teen loved it. Job well done. (^_^) *pat back*
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