Off The Beaten Path Template No.1

Gathering Adventures. Off The Beaten Path, Free Template No. 1 #free #freebie #layout

12×12 Scrapbook or Photo Page Template
TIFF Format, no shadows included
Download Here

 Here is the template I promised yesterday. (^_^) I saved the template as a TIFF file. If you’d like it as a PSD or in PNG files let me know and I’ll convert it to those files and add a download link. I’m not sure what most people would prefer. :/

It took a little bit of trial and error to make the basic template visually appealing. 😛 My layers were originally just a couple colours and a jumbled mess.  If you run into any issues downloading or using the template, please get back to me and I’ll try to help.

The template is inspired by traditional Japanese wave pattern. It’s always been one of my favourite motifs, most likely because I love the ocean. The colours, the smell, the mist, the beach, floating lazily on a boat… I can go on and on. So I made a little bit of ocean for landlocked me.

Shoot me a link in the comments to your finished product, I would love to see it.

 – Taryn

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One comment on “Off The Beaten Path Template No.1
  1. […] I put on my apron and got a little dirty too. Using a splash of sugar’n’spice I whipped together this template in Photoshop. And because I like to share my experiments, I’ll have the template on the site tomorrow for your downloading pleasure find the free template here . […]


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