The Falls


Here I am. A few of you know me, some of you don’t. I had another blog for years and years and am slowly moving the content from my last address to this address. I would have loved to stay at the other address, but change is always good… right? It’s scary to start over. I’ll keep it simple for now. I love taking photographs, crafting, reading, playing with Photoshop, cooking, baking, being with my children & husband. You’ll see a motley combination of all that. I’ll try to work my way back to posting more often. See you soon!

 – Taryn
contact me: gatheringadventures@yahoo.ca


My heart is at home on the Boundary between Worlds.
I have shivered in the Land of the Midnight Sun.
I traveled back home and breathed in the salt of the ocean.

I hid out where Canada’s first train robbery took place.
I was pulled back to the moss, sea and the singing of my people.

In the shade of a giant K, I ate apples and a million cherries.
I watched the traffic drive by me in a “blink & ya missed it” former mining town.
I took a long journey and briefly set down in quiet farming village.
I set out on long, dusty walks in a middle of nowhere hamlet.
I navigated the bewildering ETS and walked up three stories in the Festival City.
I lived small, in a village that is the Best of Both Worlds.
Now I’ve settled in a sunny hamlet and am content to watch my children grow.
I have lived in many places and may live in many more, but
When cloaked in the mist of Haida Gwaii, my heart will know it’s home.


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